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Growing Business Post Acquisition

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

A while back when I was starting out with my forever extended family at BBX Capital, I was enamored with the Danaher Business System (“DBS”). BBX even had a business case on it as part of its internal leadership series. I was also lucky to know someone, who worked for a Danaher company and did a Q&A on DBS with me.

DBS is one of the systems we use to analyze and grow a business. It’s almost entirely based on hard metrics and systematic measurement of results across all departments within a company.

The Core Pillars Are

PEOPLE – The best team wins

PLAN – Innovation defines our future

PROCESS – Quality delivery and cost innovation

PERFORMANCE – Measuring internal and external performance (internally with employees and business partners, and externally – listening to customers)


Each pillar comes with a strategic 5-year plan and a tactical (annual, quarterly, monthly) plan. Reviews are performed weekly!

It is easier to see around the corners if you identify and consistently track them!

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