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Embracing Technology, Innovation and Cross Platform Collaboration to Drive Growth

Remarkable companies are created and sustained by teams who are not afraid to pivot and adjust to changing environment, who look beyond the horizon to innovate and take measured risks.

The Assembler team understands the relationship between long-term value creation, measurable strategic planning and execution, and sustainable growth with a goal of realizing the full potential of the company.

Target Industries & Verticals

Food & Beverage

Personal Care & Beauty


Health & Wellness

Business Services

How Do We Get Involved?

Financial & Operational Expertise

Clear Management & Culture Code

Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing Expertise

Brand Strategy & Concept Realization

Growth Mindset

Product Incubation & Growth Stages

Access to Senior Partners

Successful Track Record in Consumer Goods

Understanding Technology

Global Network of Senior Advisors

Digital Strategy &

Long Term Mindset

Building remarkable organizations is in our DNA!

We are here to support founders and operators with passion for their businesses and brands.


Our main goal is to provide you with financial, strategic, and operational support to build and in some cases re-build the foundation of your business so it can scale aligned with growth.

Investment Criteria



We invest in proven business models and teams ready for strategic changes and growth.



At times we would make an exception and evaluate a business on a pro forma basis. Generally, our minimum historical EBITDA requirement is ~$2M.



Primarily Majority ownership investments. We will consider minority positions for very special brands.



We believe it takes time to create value and build businesses that last. We consider multiple exit strategies and do not discount staying invested in a company for much longer time frame.

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