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Partners and Advisers to Owner Operators Building Companies That Last 

We are entrepreneur investors driven by the opportunity to build remarkable organizations. Our passion is helping founders execute on potential of their businesses taking it to the next level of expansion and growth.

Why Partner with Assembler Team?


  • We have worked on both sides of the table - as consultants, business operators and investors.

  • We understand the pains and sacrifices of growing a business, consolidating operations, and expanding from a 3 to 100 locations and how it impacts operating a business.


  • Our focus is on foundation and scalability of business setting up for growth and achieving its potential. 

  • We understand the difference between financial modeling and creating an operating model for the business to follow.

  • Measurable Results - we never sign up for an unrealistic plan but we'll push each other to excel and grow.

Value Creation: 

  • Proven record working with management on organic and acquisition growth strategies.

  • Our goal is to build world-class organizations supported by robust systems, effective and strong teams to drive value creation for both shareholders, employees, and customers.

Long-Term Perspective:

Our framework is based on a long-term value and growth creation. 

  • There is no cookie-cutter approach; we are here to build businesses that last.

  • Investment horizon is approximately 5 years.

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